theressa-katsuya (t.k.) weller | 27 | コスプレ写真家
bachelors of fine arts in photographic imaging
localized in northern virginia/ washington d.c. area



Policies: For payment of booking, a deposit of 50% must be ready upon acceptance of your booking request. A time frame will be given but failure to send the deposit will result in termination of the session. Deposits are non-refundable if cancellation should occur. Cancellations for convention shoots can only be made during the convention in case of emergencies. The only acceptable cancellation before the convention is if you are unable to attend. Rescheduling can occur but you get one (1) reschedule. Exceeding it will result in termination of your session. If uncontrollable situations should occur, discussion of reschedule and funds will be negotiated (things such as weather, venue closures, emergencies, etc).
For portraits and cosplay, please have all participants ready (all costumes, outfits, etc. must be ready by the time of the session). I want to be sure you have your works at your satisfaction for the shoot. I take great pride in providing the best work that reflects your best work.
Upon reading all the information, you are agreeing to a commitment of a collaboration. In addition to above stated, there are other policies that will be addressed upon the booking process for your shoot. It is vital you read and understand them. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Base price: $250 (up to two people, two hours, 10 finalized images, and print rights). Base price may increase for travel and venue rentals. Additional add-on's are available as follows:
Additional Hour: $75 (this grants you up 5 more fully edited images)Additional Photos (post completion of set): $25 per imageAdditional Person (past two): $20 per personA forum for sign ups will be made available soon for the 2019 season!

Base price A: $100 (solo shoot, 30 minutes, 3-5 images).
Base price B: $125 (up to three people, 60 minutes, 5-8 images. Groups of 3 will get 5-10 images). Group shoots will be more dedicated to group shots. Solo shots will be attempted.
Base price C: $150+ (groups of four or greater, but price will increase per person, time, and photo package. Set time is one hour, but will tack on extra 30 minutes if need be).

Need images edited? Can do! Commission slots are limited and will go as far from basic color grading to full on manipulation. Information on this will be made available soon! Examples are below with more to share soon:



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